The Central Midwest District UUA merged in 2013 with the Districts of Heartland and Prairie Star to form the MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
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CMwD Annual Reports

Budget 2012-13

Central Midwest District, UUA
Budget Approved by Board of Trustees on February 4, 2012
July 2012 - June 2013

FY2011 Tot Actual
FY 2012 Budget
FY 2013 Budget
Total 4000 District Contributions 191,508 200,655 200,142
4010 UUA APF Share 29,783 30,009 30,000
4020 MUUC/MUUF District Share 24,392 32,848 32,000
Total 4030 UUA Portion of Co-Employed Staff 81,460
Total Income 269,752 263,512 343,602
5000 Staff Compensation & Benefits
Total 5001 UUA Portion of Co-Emp Comp - - 81,460
Total 5010 CMwD Portion of Congregational Services Dir 42,093 44,517 48,557
Total 5020 CMwD Portion of Faith Dev & Growth Dir 57,940 61,166 64,459
Total 5030 District Administrator 53,961 59,697 55,221
5040 Cong Services Dir Professional Expenses 11,732 10,500 10,000
5050 Faith Dev & Growth Dir Professional Expenses 11,638 10,500 11,500
5060 Dist Admin Professional Expenses 1,834 2,000 1,500
Total 5070 Writer & Event Planner 3,330 3,500 3,881
5075 Writer & Event Planner Professional Expenses 1,303 800 800
5080 Regional Y/YA Ministries Salary 8,886 23,527 13,780
Total 5080 Regional Y/YA Ministries Salary 11,697 23,527 13,780
5085 Regional Y/YA Professional 4,531 4,000 3,000
Total 5090 Communications Coord Salary 13,001 14,962 24,287
5095 Communications Coord Prof.Exp. 1,293 900 900
Total 5000 Staff Compensation & Benefits 224,684 236,069 319,345
5100 District Office
5105 Supplies/Office Expense 1,447 750 750
Total 5110 Office Space 1,155 1,500 1,500
5115 Telephone 8,375 7,000 7,000
5120 Office Postage / Mailing Services 1,089 900 1,000
5140 Accounting Services 6,545 3,300 3,300
Total 5150 Temporary Help / Office Assistant 2,950 500 500
5160 District Liability Insurance 955 1,700 1,700
5165 Other Expense 100 250 250
5180 Business License/Annual Report to State 10 150 150
Total 5100 District Office 22,470 16,050 16,150
5200 Programs & Services
5225 Telecommunications 2,551 500 500
Total 5240 Midwest Leadership School 91 323 1,200
5250 Women & Religion Program 77 - -
Total 5200 Programs & Services 3,410 823 1,700
5300 Board & Committees
Total 5301 District President 1,364 1,000 1,000
Total 5305 District Board 2,321 3,000 3,000
5325 Discretionary Fund 204 250
5330 Regionalization Expenses Share of 2013 funding for MidAmerica Regionalization = $63,400 (See below)
5335 District UUA Trustee 359 500 500
5340 Nominating - 275 275
5350 Annual Program Fund Chair - 150 150
5355 Dist. Compensation Consultant - 200 20
Total 5358 Ministerial Settlement Rep (PT) 972 700 700
5365 Congregational Resources
5365-01 Chalice Lighters 34 1,000 1,000
5365-04 MOD Squad - 50 50
5365-99 Consulting Program Support 99 1,500 1,500
Total 5365 Congregational Resources 132 2,550 2,550
5380 Religious Education Support & Resources 937 2,200 2,000
Total 5385 Young Adult Steering Committee - YASC 2,037 2,500 2,000
Total 5390 District Youth Steering Committee - DYSC 1,913 2,500 2,000
5405 New Initiatives - 100 100
Total 5300 Board & Committees 12,743 15,925 14,295
Total Expenses 263,292 268,867 351,490
Net Income - WITHOUT TRANSITION COSTS 6,460 (5,355) (7,888)

Net Income WITH CMWD SHARE OF TRANSITION COSTS FOR 2013 6,460 (5,355) (71,288)

Nancy Combs-Morgan, Youth & Young Adult Ministries

NCM-edited-200Annual Report 2012

With the bold move to move forward with the first regional position of the Mid America Region,  (comprised of the staff of the Central Midwest, Prairie Star and Heartland Districts of the UUA), the focus for this  position was intended to mirror the new and innovative direction of such a shared endeavor.  As the title states, this position is to focus on emerging models for youth and young adult ministries in our MidAmerica congregations.     As I set about this endeavor,  congregational leaders, from all three districts, shared with me the distinct need for heightened trainings, virtual and face to face, for youth advisors, religious educators, ministers,  and congregational leaders who care deeply about youth and young adult ministry. With that request in mind, we set out to have a rich offering of trainings this last fall, which included webinars on:  “Basic Youth Advisor 101 Training,”  “Sustainable Youth Ministry,” and “New Ideas for Young Adult and Campus Ministry.”  The response for the youth advisor trainings was decided, and it generated the development of a series for Youth Advisors, which started this last January and will be continuing through the Spring.  Each session of the “Youth Advisor Series” will delve into the topics I get asked about most frequently, such as resource suggestions for new formats in youth programming; conversations on boundaries, confidentiality and safety issues, and how to make sure that youth ministry is part of a larger multigenerational lens in our congregations.

In addition, to expanding the webinar offerings, we are continuing to provide up to date and helpful information on trends in lifespan faith development.  The REALL conference (held in Milwaukee this last March) was one further example of an engaging face to face continuing education opportunity for CMwD leaders, which had a rich array of pastoral care workshops and information on the emerging model of “lifelong learning networks,” (as indicated from the “Faith Formation 2020” study).

I am very pleased to report that we are maintaining our deep commitment to leadership development for youth and young adults throughout MidAmerica, and a cornerstone experience for such leadership development is our Youth Midwest Leadership School and the Midwest Leadership School (for adults).   We continue to hear so many success stories of the experiences of youth who took part in YMLS, and also have been inspired with the narratives of young adults who also have been a part of the adult MWLS.  In addition to face to face opportunities for leadership development, we are building a rich resource section of our shared website with a wide host of leadership and lifespan faith development resources.  We have the site up and running and will be expanding the site, in new ways, come this summer. 

Another message I have been hearing loud and clear from leaders throughout MidAmerica is the need for engaging social justice opportunities for youth and young adults.  We are mapping out a multi-year process for new models of justice work for youth and young adults.  This March the first regional youth conference, JusticeCON, was held in Ann Arbor, MI, with a focus of empowering youth and adults to step up on issues of immigration reform.  This conference also prepared folks to take part in the “National Day of Witness,” June, 23rd, which will be happening during JusticeGA in Phoenix.  Also, I will be working this Spring with leaders from southwest Florida, who have partnered for the last few years with the Collective of Immokalee Workers in Southwest Florida.  Our dream is to have a spring break experience up and ready for the Spring of 2013, where youth groups and young adults from MidAmerica can work directly in support for dignity and justice in the tomato fields of southwest Florida and immerse themselves in the Fair Food Movement.

In addition, a very new initiative in Unitarian Universalist campus ministry is in the formation stage, which is an effort to work with UU congregations who seek to branch out their young adult ministry by enabling Young Adult OWL on campuses.  We will be training our “beta” group of campus leaders this August to take the lead on offering YA OWL on campuses throughout MidAmerica.  This will be an interfaith experience with other groups, such as the Hillel Campus Centers, and will also be an opportunity to partner with our OWL co-creators in the UCC movement.  There is also an additional creative experiment emerging around creating and sustaining new young adult UU covenanted communities on campuses.    

The repeatable themes of my work, echo the themes of our entire MidAmerica team, which is that we seek to enable sustainable, repeatable, scalable and transformative experiences in our member congregations, and of critical importance is our deep commitment to growing Unitarian Universalism throughout the Midwest.  Finally, we seek to model an interconnected team working with congregational teams.  Our MA team has an understanding where we all have a deep generalist grasp of the multilayered issues in congregational life, yet we invite one another to have our individual particular passions and specialties, such as my passion for Unitarian Universalist youth and young adult ministries.


Nancy Combs-Morgan, MidAmerica Coordinator of Emerging Models of Youth And Young Adult Ministries

Denise Tracy, CMwD Women & Religion Program

denisetracyAnnual Report 2012

This has been a successful year for the Women and Religion Committee.  We associated ourselves with the District and came into full relationship with CMD.  We have changed some of our policies to comply with the District and are happy about our change in status.

Our summer program, held at Ronora, was in retreat format in a casual setting.  40 women attended and communally shared meals, housing and did the dishes together.  The program was called, “Women of Strength".  Workshops, worship and relaxation gave everyone a restful summer  experience.

Our winter program “Heart Pulse: Journey Into Sacred Sound” was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockford, IL.  Ragani, an inspiring lifelong devotee of yoga, meditation and complementary healing medicine, was our speaker.  Her presence was nourishing and her story was captivating.  Her keynote speech was followed by an all conference workshop on meditation.  On Saturday night her band her joined her for a sung Kirtan meditation session.  The church was full  to capacity and everyone experienced singing and the music of inner peace and inspiration.  Ragani, who had only attended one Sunday church service ever in her life, preached at both Sunday services.  Her sermon was spiritual and uplifting!

In addition there were 14 workshops and opening and closing worship services .  The local committee of five women was extraordinary.  Representatives from both the Rockford and Rockton churches were on the committee.  Shayne Baker, Jan Henningsen, Judy Pickle, Holly Hansen and Milli Fleer were the five Goddesses who hosted and put on one of the best conferences we remember attending!

This spring we will be reviewing our technologies.  Our web site and registration system need to be revised.  We will also be brainstorming ways to build up our summer retreat attendance.

Our Womanspirit 2013 will be held In Wisconsin at UUCW in Brookfield., the first weekend of February.
We have a contract with Feminist singer and songwriter, Holly Near, who will give a keynote, an all conference workshop and Saturday night will sing in concert.  She also will be providing sermons for both Sunday services.

We recruited new members and our committee is filled.  We are now a portfolio Board. 
Jessica Hunsberger,  Chair of Summer Retreat at Ronora
Lauree Brown, Past Chair
Lee Breeggemann, Treasurer
Jan Hennigsen, Secretary and 2013  WWS Advisor
Amy Shaw, Computer, Web site and Conference Registrar
Kathy Bradshaw, Chair, Winter Conference 2013

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Tracy

Chair, CMwD Women & Religion

Peggy Boccard, District Administrator

Peggy_June_2009Annual Report 2012

Much of the District Administrator’s job is to manage financial, regulatory and corporate requirements for the District.  This includes accounting for payables and receivables and reporting on them, reporting to government agencies and to our Board of Trustees through the Finance Working Group. 

In addition, we provide support for the Board of Trustees and their meetings.  I help with both logistics and preparing discussion and informational documents for the Board’s consideration.

Another aspect of the position is to help organize events and prepare registration for District workshops and major events like District Assembly.  We also help manage the physical logistics for these meetings, as well as the printed materials and documents associated with them.  Some of this takes a substantial amount of time.  For example, preparations for this year’s District Assembly began last August!

We are proud to report that in our annual financial consultation with our CPA, he declared that our accounting systems were in such good shape that he felt they were “fully auditable” right out of the block for the first time since he has been working with us.  As for the financials themselves, while the Treasurer will report more fully, our status is in good shape, with at this time more than six months of reserves available for contingencies.

The District Administrator also supports and tracks Chalice Lighters, maintaining the database of contributors and contributions, providing documents and information and managing grant applications for the Chalice Lighter Committee’s review.  The Chalice Lighters program has been providing financial grants to existing and emerging congregations since 1996.  Since then we have given grants to more than 40 congregations in excess of $350,000.  Grants can be requested in one of four areas: to

  • Support a new or emerging congregation.
  • Acquire or expand meeting space for an existing congregation.
  • Increase paid professional staffing.
  • Establish outreach and public relations programs.

Our most recent Call for contributions, the Winter 2012 Call, began in January and will go through March 15.  It is for support of a UU-based radio program “Food for the Soul” requested by a consortium of Chicago area UU churches: Third Unitarian Church of Chicago,  Unity Temple of Oak Park IL, and DuPage UU Congregation of Naperville, IL. 

If your church has a good idea for which you’d like some financial support, please let us know and fill out an application for a Chalice Lighter Grant.  The application deadline for the Spring 2012 Call is February 15, 2012.

The participation in the effort to simplify our access to congregational leadership information is becoming more and more widespread.  This allows us to obtain the updated information from the same place the UUA does, so you, our congregations, only have to make your updates in one place. 

While it is the CMwD staff’s responsibility to keep the usual tasks, projects and events going as they normally would be, we have also been working on aspects of the Regionalization of the CMwD, Prairie Star and Heartland Districts, which we are hoping to be approved and implemented effective July 1, 2013.  There has been excellent cooperation among the staffs of all three districts.  For example, among other things, I have been working with the District Executives and Administrators of PSD and HLD to reconcile three accounting systems.  In addition, the three District Administrators meet in a phone conference most months to discuss areas of interest and share hints and ideas.


District Administrator

Gretchen Ohmann, Communications Coordinator

Gretchen2011 by AaronAnnual Report 2012

This year we've spent some time thinking and talking about, and testing our new Regional website, www.midamericauua.org. A growing new feature is the organization into areas of interest. As our CMwD moves toward combining with the two Districts to the East and West of us, this will be the go-to place for congregational resources in the MidAmerica Region! We have:

  • Announcements and links to upcoming programs and events of interest to members in the entire region; we are working on a geographic locator so you will be able to find events in your interest area that are also in your geographic area regardless of District.
  • Links back to the original web sites of the three constituent districts, CMwD, Prairie Star and Heartland.
  • Area-of-interest pages with information specific to Faith Development and Religious Education; another to events of interest to Youth and Young Adults; and a new page specifically for Social Justice. Each one has its own calendar, articles and resource links.
  • The Social Justice page invites you to write your own story and add your congregation's events to share with others who visit our web site. Check it out!  Tell us what’s happening in your congregation to further the cause of Social Justice for all.

We're all working on getting into the habit of figuring out which news needs to be on District sites, and what needs to be on the Region website. Much of the news from the MidAmerica site will also be posted to Facebook and Twitter. We've set that up with a one-click option the article's author can choose.
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A metamorphosis quietly took place in 2011 as our monthly newsletter transitioned to a more timely news-now format. Rather than gather the latest news items as a full-length read, we are sending announcements and items of interest individually, hoping that will be more in tune with everyone's busy lives and e-mail boxes!

On technical matters, because we see more than our fair share of spam and e-mail scams, when there is specific advice we can offer, we post it in our Communications blog on www.cmwd-uua.org.

How can our District web tools be more useful to you and your congregation? I invite you to contact us any time with your ideas and questions.



Communications Coordinator