Nancy Combs-MorganAs I prepare to begin my sabbatical, I have been mulling over the many possibilities for this time. For eight weeks, from Monday, January 6th and extending until Sunday, March 2nd, I will be fully immersed in my Religious Education Credentialing process and studies. The RE Credentialing program is structured for deeper concentration in areas where I seek to build core competencies.  My passion remains in faith development, especially in understanding further the interconnection of human development and faith development. I look forward to taking an online course through the spring/summer in Human Development and Learning Theories. 

2014 marks my 16th year as a professional Unitarian Universalist religious educator, and I find each year that there is always more to learn, and that each year brings a greater love and devotion to our faith. This will be my first sabbatical as a UU religious professional, and I am poised and ready for whatever the experience may bring.

I deeply appreciate that our MidAmerica team is fully supporting my sabbatical.
For questions to do with Youth Midwest Leadership School, youth and young adult ministries, please contact:

If you are seeking to have a youth or young adult event posted on our website, I encourage you to contact our office staff via
For questions on our 2014 regional assemblies I encourage you to contact: Lisa Presley, at
If you are seeking input on transitions with your religious education professionals, both Phil Lund and Dori Davenport Thexton can be of help.  Or, if you are seeking to simply have your DRE search materials posted on our website, please contact us via
I often receive inquiries about congregations wanting to go deeper with their faith development goals, whether that has to do with being more intentional about building multigenerational community or simply seeking greater insights on the future of faith development, for those types of questions both Dori Davenport-Thexton and Phil Lund, at, are very insightful with regard to questions such as these.
With the promise of renewal on my immediate horizon, I trust that if you have questions you will reach out to the folks above; we truly share a team approach to our work.