UULincolnNebraskaIn the MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association, our congregations vary in several ways, including whether a given congregation is lay led, meaning led by congregants who are not professional ministers, has a part-time professional minister, has one full-time minister, or in a few congregations more than one. We also range in the numbers of people who attend our 180+ congregations. Here is a report of "who we are" by membership numbers just after the beginning of 2014.

Over half (53%) of the Unitarian Universalist congregations in MidAmerica have 99 or fewer members. Another 30% of our congregations range from 100-249 congregants. Of our 180+ congregations, then, about 150 are congregations of this smaller size.
Another 10% of our congregations range from 205-399 members and an additional 4% range from 400-549. Of our 180+ congregations, about 25 are in this medium range.
A remaining 4% of our congregations are large, with over 550 members.
Why does the size of your congregation matter? Congregational life and processes vary depending on the size of the congregation. There is not a right or wrong size. Size impacts what resources your congregation has available, how those resources might be most effectively used, how your members get to know each other and connect over time and build beloved community. Our MidAmerica region provides connecting points to learn from and be inspired by other congregations of similar size as we go about living our faith in the world.

-- Charlotte Preston, MidAmerica Region Board

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