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With Facebook as part of our modern culture, the word “friend” takes on a whole new meaning. Now, you can be friends with hundreds, maybe thousands of people around the world that you’ve never met. That’s an overwhelming concept for most of us.

When we ask you to “friend” us, we’re asking you to invest in Unitarian Universalism in the Heartland District with your support through donations.  During times of ongoing budget cuts, when you become a Friend with Heart, you’re giving the District staff the funds needed to do, maybe, just one more thing they couldn’t afford to do before.

  • Like continued travel throughout the District offering “free” “face-to-face” consultation services to member congregations and their leaders; to meet with church members to help resolve conflict.
  • Like subsidizing the cost of our Lifespan Religious Education Committee (LREC) and the District Youth Steering Committee (DYSC) to meet regularly, by phone and face-to-face, to plan and organize OWL trainings and Renaissance Modules for religious educators, and Jr/Sr High Election CONS, Bridging CONS, Social Justice CONS, and Spirituality Development CONS for our young people.
  • Like training for clusters of congregations on key issues in governance, community building, conflict, and right relationships.
  • Like beginning new learning networks for people with similar interests to be able to learn with and from each other.
  • Like coaching with leaders – lay, ordained, staff, volunteer – to help them do their work better.

It doesn’t take huge donations to make a difference; to offer just one more youth CON or religious education training; to be able to afford the gas to visit a congregation in person rather than by phone. It takes just enough people to give their support with small donations. Give us $25 or $50; save the big bucks for your congregations.

We appreciate your generosity. Thank you for supporting UUism in the Heartland.

Rev. Dr. Lisa Presley
Heartland District Executive

How to make a donation

(All donations are tax deductible)

Please consider donating to the MidAmerica Region Friends program!