September 29 - October 1, 2017, Countryside Church UU, Palatine, IL

matt meyer The MidAmerica Region is sponsoring CommUUnity@Heart as a shared national UU Youth Ministry Roundtable initiative, with talented leaders from the UUA's Youth and YA Office, Congregational Life, and the UU College of Social Justice.

We are thrilled to have Matt Meyer, from the Lucy Stone Cooperative and Boston Sanctuaries movement to help us go deeper in our spirit with music and message, and we have invited leaders from the InterFaith Youth Corps to bring their unique vision on building communities of partnership and pluralism.

Community at HeartCommUUnity@Heart: Youth Revival 2 will provide nurture through music, movement and message for youth and adults to become "mystical warriors" focused on beloved community building. Participant will find ways to go deeper into their own resolve to nurture the spirit within themselves, and their communities, to help create a world where all are treated fairly. It is a wonderful opportunity for teams of youth, youth advisors, DRE's, ministers, and social justice leaders to take part in an experience which will deepen faith, nourish spirit, and lift hearts!

You can register now! The fee for participants is $60 per youth and adult. For teams of 4, the rate is $200.

We want to be sure that teams from congregations take part, so, we are offering a host of sleeping/lodging options. Youth, who so choose, are welcome to sleep on site, with at least one of the adults from their team (which can be a rotation of adults), and others are welcome to book at room at a local hotel, for which we have secured a reduced rate.

The invitation is extended to all, and, in particular, if you have attended (as an adult or youth) one of our MidWest Leadership Schools, then consider this your next step project for continuing the work of your leadership development; if you are excited about attending GA 2018 in Kansas City, MO, then take part in CommUUnity@Heart, for we will be building awareness and strategies for engaging in social witness in Kansas City; if you have taken part in an immersion experience with the UU College of Social Justice, we invite you to take part to share your story and help to inspire other adults and youth to engage their UU faith in direct action. If you are a minister and/or DRE who is searching for a new way to galvanize your youth ministry programming to have more of a multigenerational lens, with a call to social change, then come!

Come, come, whoever you are....
In robust faith,
Nancy Combs-Morgan