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Climate Justice Creative Collective

Engage in a entertaining experience of music, movement, and message on Climate Justice. We will be having multigenerational music and dancing with creative stations for collaborative artwork and reflections on climate justice.

Join members of the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice Network in an interactive worship service for climate justice. UU young adults in the midwest region will provide grounding reflections on the urgency of climate justice and how to move forward as a faith community. The UUYACJ network pledged to deliver 100 worship services for climate justice as part of a Commit2Respond campaign to uplift young adult voices and engage communities around the world to act on climate justice led by UU values. More info about the campaign.

Contact UUYACJ Communications Coordinator Amelia Diehl ( for more information.

UU Young Adults for Climate Justice

Chicago Climate Justice March information:

Saturday, 4/29/17, from 12-4
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Session 1

Kellie Kellyrev darrick jacksonA. Building Bridges across Class and Race - Kellie Kelly and Rev. Darrick Jackson

UU culture is seen as white, well-educated, professional and middle class. This workshop will explore how class and race shape one’s worldview. We will look at ways to use the gifts these differences bring to strengthen spirituality and social justice across faith and cultural borders.

rachel carterB. Post-Traumatic Stress: Inclusion and Community Integration of Trauma Survivors - Rachel Carter

Post-Traumatic Stress can occur from various types of trauma. It can affect a person's every moment and make congregational involvement difficult without the proper support. Learn about PTSD, how to be more welcoming and inclusive of people with mental illnesses, and how to partner with other agencies in the community.

mary katherine mornC. Enough is Enough: Stewardship and Fundraising in Changing Times - Mary Katherine Morn

We will tackle some of the money myths that get in the way of realizing our full potential as congregations and as people of faith and explore the essentials of effective fundraising in congregations.

D. Oceti Sakowin Camp: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, North Dakota, Missouri River, and Beyond -- Experiences and Insights
     PART 1 of 2 -
Karen Van Fossan, Ashley Horan and Johnnie Aseron

Ashley HoranKarenVanFossan summer 2016Johnnie Aseron 2013 2In recent months, many Nations came to gather at the 1851 treaty land on the Missouri River near Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota.Throughout the months of resistance to potential environmental impacts to the river, extraordinary circumstances for the members of the Great Sioux Nation (Seven Council Fires), their friends, and allies gave rise to multiple opportunities to define what it means to work together.
You are invited to participate in an introductory conversation and exploration of critical aspects needed for a collective understanding of genuine inter-Nātional collaboration.
Johnnie Aseron serves as executive director of the Inter-Nātional Initiative for Transformative Collaboration (INITC), whose Stories and Songs of the People project explores what it means to be a human being, traditionally and contemporarily. As former coordinator of wellness and inter-faith events at Oceti Sakowin camp, Johnnie brings a range of experiences and stories to share. Karen Van Fossan serves as minister of the Bismarck-Mandan UU Fellowship, which is a collaborative partner with INITC and was a co-organizer of inter-faith prayer opportunities at Oceti Sakowin camp, as well as the larger Bismarck area. She is a foster mom, licensed counselor, humanities scholar, and activist. Ashley Horan is a Unitarian Universalist minister who most recently served for two years as the Consulting Minister at The Universalist Unitarian Church of Joliet, IL. She is a lifelong UU who grew up at Unity Church-Unitarian in St. Paul, where she is still a member.

jim keyE. Governance as Leadership - Jim Key

This workshop will explore both the legal and leadership requirements, as well as the opportunities, of trusteeship.

Nancy Combs Morgan Dec 2016F. ComUUnity@Heart - Nancy Combs-Morgan

Explore capacity building to realize spirit filled, lifespan, caring, and sustainable models which put social justice at the center of congregational life. We will have youth and adult voices exploring the power of being a community of care, which embodies care for self, community, and the greater world. Learn about multigenerational success stories of UU congregations who seek to be a community of care through music/movement and message.

Rev Phil Lund Dec 2016G. With Passion and Purpose: Partnering to Serve Families - Phillip Lund

Protecting and defending the most vulnerable in our society often means finding ways to support families and children. Partnering with community organizations that serve families is an excellent place to start.

H. Congregational Parternships: Collaboration and Capacity Building - MidAmerica Board

The mission of the MidAmerica board is to create Synergy across the region through storytelling, stewardship, and social justice engagement. Stories offer a powerful frame for our lives and experiences both individually and collectively. In addition, our congregational polity and shared covenant ask us to see other UU congregations as partners and allies. How has your work with other congregations enhanced your sense of mission, identity, or provided mutual support for your efforts? Join members of the MidAmerica board to highlight how your congregation has or could benefit from connecting with other congregations in your area.

Session 2

Allan Lindrupmarie cobbsA. Conversations Against Racism: Using Talk to Strengthen our Walk in our Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression Struggles - Allan Lindrup and Marie Cobbs

We will use a conversational setting, governed by discussion triggers to keep the interchange moving. We encourage full participation within the framework of UU principles. We call these “conversations against racism” to emphasize the need to create doable action against racism.

Clara LewisB. Welcoming the Other: Two Churches' Experience with Refugee Sponsorship - Carol S. Nielsen and Clara Lewis

There are over 19 million refugees in the world today. Our Unitarian Universalist values encourage us to oppose war and work for peace. Refugee sponsorship offers a very tangible way to work for peace. By agreeing to sponsor families to become US residents we are living our faith in a very concrete and important ways. Refugee sponsorship is a serious and long term commitment for a congregation involving financial resources, human energy and commitment, and the realization that we may be in for the long haul. The rewards are enormous for everyone. Two congregations have sponsored refugee families and will describe their experiences.

Rev Sharon Dittmar Dec 2016C. Wonder as a Justice Making Practice - Sharon Dittmar

Participants will learn about the "Tragic Gap," the gap between what is and what could be possible. Participants will practice leadership skills such as how to ask "open and honest questions," so they can remain in the gap, hold tension, maintain dialogue, and move forward on challenging issues.

D. Oceti Sakowin Camp: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, North Dakota, Missouri River, and Beyond -- Experiences and Insights
     PART 2 of 2 -
Karen Van Fossan, Ashley Horan and Johnnie Aseron

See description in PART 1 above

laura parkE. How Governance Supports and Sustains Congregational Partnership - Laura Park

This workshop will help participants find an authentic board role to invite and sustain fruitful congregational partnerships. How should partnership influence board practice? How can the board help the congregation make, keep, and renew promises with its partners to put our Unitarian Universalist faith in action?

Rev Ian Evison Dec 2016F. Congregational Presidents Roundtable - Ian Evison

Congregational presidents report that this year has been challenging and inspiring as they help their congregations live out their missions amidst complex interpersonal, financial, and social justice challenges. This session will be an opportunity for presidents, and president-elects to share wisdom and lean from the experience of others.

Rev Phil Lund Dec 2016Nancy Combs Morgan Dec 2016G. Resources for Small Congregations - Phillip Lund and Nancy Combs-Morgan

Join us as we explore some of the many resources available to help small congregations live out their UU values—worship, faith development, and social action.

H. Congregational Parternships: Social Justice Collaborations and Capacity Building - MidAmerica Board

The mission of the MidAmerica board is to create Synergy across the region through storytelling, stewardship, and social justice engagement. Stories offer a powerful frame for our lives and experiences both individually and collectively. Many of the congregations in the MidAmerica region have strong commitments to justice work and congregational engagement in that work. Join members of the MidAmerica board to share your stories of successful local efforts. On what issues have you focused? Who are your partners? How has the work engaged members and others in the community? In telling, hearing, and understanding these experiences, we can re-energize and re-inspire ourselves and each other.

Alison HessI. Bringing the World into Your UU Congregation -- Allison Hess

Inspiring new chapters of community-building and confronting injustice are being added every day to the story of our global faith. This interactive workshop will share stories and activities for congregations seeking to deepen and strengthen their links with our interdependent world community. Learn about how to engage with the work being done by Unitarian Universalists on the global stage, including in advocacy at the United Nations and beyond. (Please note, this workshop was moved from the first Session)