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Because Prairie Star District has become part of MidAmerica Region, this page has been archived as of July 15, 2013, for reference purposes. It will not be updated in the future, and some links may no longer work properly.  For more up-to-date information, please visit the Mid America UUA site.  Thank you!

Chalice Lighters is a program designed to help UUs be part of “lighting the chalice” for individual congregations: helping congregations to get started, or to get over that next barrier to growth. The program works through modest periodic donations from a large number of donors like you.

chalice lightersYou possess only a small light, but uncover it, let it shine, use it in order to bring more light and understanding to the hearts and minds of men and women.

Give them, not hell, but hope and courage.

— John Murray (Universalist Preacher, 1741–1850)


Call #1 for 2012-13: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Quad Cities, Davenport, Iowa

There’s always a bit of risk when a growing congregation adds another service. Will the end results be worth the additional time and energy required to make the new service successful? Or will those extra efforts become unsustainable before the hoped for results are achieved? These are the very questions our congregation in Davenport, Iowa is facing right now.

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Quad Cities (as they are now known) has embarked on an ambitious plan to reach out to the 350,000 residents in their region with our progressive religious message—and worship is the centerpiece of that effort. In fact, worship attendance is already on the rise in Davenport, with a 16% increase in the last five years, and a 26% increase in the last year alone. That’s why, after careful consideration, the congregation has added a second service this fall. And so far the attendance at the service has exceeded their expectations! But increased worship attendance does not mean an immediate boost in resources needed to sustain another service, like addition hours for musicians, childcare workers, and support staff.

The congregation would also like to augment their worship experience with visual elements by installing a large screen television, as well as purchasing a high-quality video camera to record sermons to post on their website and share with shut-ins.

Of course this all takes money. You can support the growth efforts of the UU Congregation of the Quad Cities by responding generously to this Chalice Lighters call. Your tax deductible contribution will help ensure the continuation of a vibrant and growing Unitarian Universalist presence in this part of our region.


Call #2 for 2012-13: Visions for Ministry

As the Prairie Star District geared up to become part of the new MidAmerica Region, many of the programs that have fostered the health and vitality of our congregations are winding down. Beginning in fall 2013, a new incarnation of the Chalice Lighters program was born. The mission of the regional Chalice Lighters will be to encourage growth throughout MidAmerica. And while there will still be opportunities to support congregations within the former Prairie Star area, this is the final call of the program you have so generously contributed to over the years.

For the last few years, an innovative initiative in Prairie Star has been providing lay-led fellowships in the District with the opportunity to experience the benefits of professional religious leadership. The Visions for Ministry program has matched highly-qualified students from United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities with fellowships in La Crosse, Wisconsin; Decorah, Iowa; and Fargo, North Dakota. Students visit their fellowship six times over the church year to preach on Sunday mornings and offer religious education and faith formation experiences. This program has been funded be a combination of Chalice Lighter Growth Grants, contributions from the fellowships, and money from the Fund for Theological Education. Your contribution to this call will be used to establish a fund to keep the Visions for Ministry affordable for congregations and equitable for students.

By generously responding to this call, you ensured that the Visions for Ministry program will continue to help both ministerial students and lay-led fellowships share the exceptional experience of learning and growing together.


Call #3 for 2012-13: to be determined (Social Justice Fund)

Prairie Star offered the opportunity to also contribute to the Social Justice Fund which makdegrants of up to $1,000 to congregations for use in integrating social justice work into the active life of their congregation. Recipient congregations are expected to fund a portion of program costs. The intention of these grants is to build community awareness of UU values in action. Examples of programs to be funded are: workshops on self-sufficiency and welfare rights; nutritional weekend food supply for elementary students; UU Social Justice Empowerment workshops; micro loans; Green Sanctuary/Earth Ministry projects.

Find out more about the MidAmerica Region Chalice Lighters !

Donate to Camp UniStar!

fundingPrairie Star District

  • Working toward healthy, vital congregations
  • Interconnecting a web of UUs
  • Strengthening UU organizations and
  • Implementing UU principles

Responsible congregations ensure that Prairie Star District Survives!

  • By paying District Fair Share: $23.00 per member in 2011-12
  • By paying UUA Annual Program Fund (APF): $58.00 per member in 2011-12
    (PSD receives a grant from the UUA based on congregational support of APF)

Generous individuals ensure that Prairie Star District Thrives!

  • By giving to Friends of Prairie Star District
    to initiate and maintain new services to congregations
    (such as hiring a Lifespan Program Director in 2002)
  • By supporting the Prairie Star Endowment Fund
    to provide a legacy for liberal religion in our area
    (such as arranging for a gift to Prairie Star in your will)
  • By contributing to Chalice Lighters
    to fund growth related projects of individual congregations
    (such as a building addition in Manhattan or a minister in Fridley

)Both congregations and individuals ensure that Prairie Star District survives and thrives.

We're now part of MidAmerica Region! Learn more about contributing to our Region!

Fair Share is the portion of financial support for the District expected of each congregation. The amount of District Fair Share was set by PSD Board of Directors:


FY2012 (July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012): $23.00 per member
(for number of members reported between November 2010 and January 2011 on UUA GA Certification form)

FY2013 (July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013): $23.00 per member
(for number of members reported between November 2011 and January 2012 on UUA GA Certification form)

FY2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014): MidAmerica Region Fair Share $23.00 per member
(for number of members reported between November 2012 and January 2013 on UUA GA Certification form)


To check the amount of your congregation’s Fair Share for MidAmerica Region, refer to:

The following table gives for each congregation in Prairie Star District:

The number of members certified to UUA in January 2010. The 2010–11 PSD Fair Share based on that number.

District Fair Share for 2010–11 was $23.00 per certified member. The fiscal year was July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.


City Congregation Members Fair Share
Ames Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 315 $ 7,245.00
Burlington Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 57 $ 1,311.00
Cedar Falls Unitarian Universalist Society 153 $ 3,519.00
Cedar Rapids Peoples Church 212 $ 4,876.00
Clinton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 9 $ 207.00
Davenport Unitarian Church 185 $ 4,255.00
Decorah NE Iowa Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 57 $ 1,311.00
Des Moines First Unitarian Church 398 $ 9,154.00
Dubuque Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 41 $ 943.00
Iowa City Unitarian Universalist Society 265 $ 6,095.00
Mason City Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 10 $ 230.00
Okoboji Iowa Lakes UU Fellowship (unaffiliated)
Sioux City First Unitarian Church 67 $ 1,541.00
Storm Lake UUs of Storm Lake (unaffiliated)
City Congregation Members Fair Share
Hutchinson Prairie UU Fellowship (unaffiliated)
Lawrence Unitarian Fellowship 162 $ 3,726.00
Manhattan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 110 $ 2,530.00
Overland Park Unitarian Universalist Church 275 $ 6,325.00
Salina Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 44 $ 1,012.00
Topeka Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 184 $ 4,232.00
Wichita First Unitarian Universalist Church 141 $ 3,243.00
City Congregation Members Fair Share
Arden Hills Pilgrim House UU Fellowship 84 $ 1,932.00
Bemidji Headwaters UU Fellowship 65 $ 1,495.00
Bloomington MN Valley UU Fellowship 166 $ 3,818.00
Brainerd Northwoods UU Fellowship 13 $ 299.00
Buffalo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (unaffiliated)
Burnsville Dakota Unitarian Universalist Church 26 $ 598.00
Duluth Unitarian Universalist Congregation 226 $ 5,198.00
Excelsior Lake Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists 35 $ 805.00
Fridley Michael Servetus Unitarian Society 94 $ 2,162.00
Grand Rapids Unitarian Fellowship 24 $ 552.00
Hanska Nora Unitarian Universalist Church 58 $ 1,334.00
Mahtomedi White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church 642 $ 14,766.00
Mankato Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 118 $ 2,714.00
Minneapolis First Unitarian Society 450 $ 10,350.00
Minneapolis First Universalist Church 803 $ 18,469.00
Northfield Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 52 $ 1,196.00
Rochester First Unitarian Universalist Church 382 $ 8,786.00
St. Cloud Spirit of Life Church (unaffiliated)
St. Cloud Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 68 $ 1,564.00
St. Paul Groveland UU Fellowship (unaffiliated)
St. Paul Unity Church-Unitarian 855 $ 19,665.00
Underwood Unitarian Church 50 $ 1,150.00
Virginia Mesabi Unitarian Universalist Church 27 $ 621.00
Wayzata UU Church of Minnetonka 203 $ 4,669.00
Willmar Unitarian Church 47 $ 1,081.00
Winona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 44 $ 1,012.00
City Congregation Members Fair Share
Kansas City All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church 513 $ 11,799.00
Kansas City Gaia Community 32 $ 736.00
Warrensburg UUs of Warrensburg (unaffiliated)
City Congregation Members Fair Share
Kearney Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 10 $ 230.00
Lincoln Unitarian Church 298 $ 6,854.00
Omaha First Unitarian Church 237 $ 5,451.00
Omaha Second Unitarian Church 130 $ 2,990.00
North Dakota
City Congregation Members Fair Share
Bismarck Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 88 $ 2,024.00
Fargo Unitarian Universalist Church 51 $ 1,173.00
Grand Forks Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 22 $ 506.00
South Dakota
City Congregation Members Fair Share
Rapid City Black Hills UU Fellowship 32 $ 736.00
Sioux Falls All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church 63 $ 1,449.00
Vermillion Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 7 $ 161.00
City Congregation Members Fair Share
Ashland Chequamegon Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 31 $ 713.00
Eau Claire Unitarian Universalist Congregation 165 $ 3,795.00
La Crosse Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 97 $ 2,231.00
Menomonie Unitarian Society 22 $ 506.00
Rice Lake Blue Hills UU Fellowship 32 $ 736.00
River Falls Unitarian Universalist Society 86 $ 1,978.00