When should we receive our Delegate Credential Cards?

The Delegate Credential Cards should reach your church office no later than March 30, 2016.

When will delegates receive voting materials?

Voting materials will be emailed to all those registered for the District Assembly by March 30, 2016. Materials will also be available on the Region website.

How many delegates is each congregation entitled to send to Annual Meeting?

This document contains a list of congregations, sorted alphabetically by state then city, that shows the number of delegates each congregation may send to the Annual Meeting. pdf 2016 Delegates (147 KB)

Should you believe that the number of delegates is in error, please contact Lisa Presley, Congregational Life Consultant, at, or 248-514-5458.

How is the number of delegates determined?

The number of delegates is determined by the MidAmerica Bylaws. For congregational delegates, the numbers are the same that the congregation would be entitled to for General Assembly. Ministers in fellowship serving congregations, affiliated ministers, credentialed religious educators, credentialed musicians, and directors of religious education are afforded delegate status by virtue of their position.

How are membership numbers determined for each congregation?

The congregational membership is reported/certified with the UUA in February each year. The number of certified members as reported by February 1, 2016, is used to determine number of delegates for each congregation for this year's Regional Assembly.

The Bylaws of the MidAmerica Region of the UUA state that congregations and individual members of the Church of the Larger Fellowship may have the same numbers and kinds of delegates at the Region's Annual Meeting as are permitted at the UUA General Assembly. This includes member delegates in the numbers set out in the UUA Bylaws. In addition, ministers in fellowship serving congregations, credentialed religious educators, credentialed musicians, and those serving as directors of religious education are also eligible to be delegates. Delegate cards in the appropriate numbers will be mailed to congregations prior to the Annual Meeting. Delegates must bring their delegate credentials to the Annual Meeting and register for their voting credentials.

Voting materials will be made available on the MidAmerica Region website ( and will be emailed to presidents, ministers, religious educators, musicians, administrators, and those registered for Regional Assembly by no later than March 30, 2016.

pdf RA2016 Delegate Packet

Contact the Regional Office at
612-759-4503 or email

Delegate Allocation

pdf 2016 Delegates (147 KB)

Delegate Frequently Asked Questions

Delegate FAQs

 This document as a
  pdf printable PDF (218 KB)

After the delegates at the 2015 MidAmerica Regional Assembly approved the Learning Network Covenant, the MidAmerica Board approved the following charge:

Charge and Timeline for a Learning Network Covenant Task Force

The Learning Network Covenant Task Force ("Task Force") shall plan and coordinate an open and inclusive process, as described in the Learning Network Covenant proposal materials (see pages 5-9 of the 2015 Annual Meeting Delegates Packet) approved without objection at the 2015 Annual Business Meeting of the MidAmerica Region, UUA.

The Task Force shall be appointed by the MidAmerica Region Board of Trustees, and shall include representative(s) of the Board and the MidAmerica Staff, as well as other participants representing the breadth of MidAmerica.

The Task Force shall report and discuss its work in process with the Board on a quarterly basis, and shall prepare reports to be shared with the UU congregations and organizations of MidAmerica, also on a quarterly basis.

The Task Force shall bring a preliminary statement of direction and principles to the 2016 Annual Business Meeting for discussion and endorsement by the delegates.

The Task Force shall bring a proposed Vision of MidAmerica as a New Era to the 2017 Annual Business Meeting for discussion and endorsement by the delegates.

The Board of the MidAmerica Region, UUA, commits itself to active support of the Task Force, and encourages the Task Force to let the Board know what support will be most helpful.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, MidAmerica Region, UUA -- May 16, 2015

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