Cong HR Rob Molla webinarUUA Human Resources Director Rob Molla helps congregations know what they need to pay attention to with regard to both their legal obligations and ensuring that they have happy staff. Rob covers personnel files and policies, the question of contractor or staff, benefits, government forms, and much more. Learn what you need to know to keep your congregation safe.

Faith Formation 2020 and the Multigenerational Community

Nancy Combs-MorganBarb Friendland TJC Director of Religious ExplorationWhat does the Faith Formation 2010 material say about creating and honoring multigenerational community? How do you make this happen in your congregations? Join with Heartland Faith Formation Director Nancy Combs-Morgan (far right photo) and Barb Friedland (right), Director of Religious Exploration at Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville, KY, as they explore these questions.

Nancy Combs-Morgan, MidAmerica Coordinator of Emerging Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Dori Davenport Thexton, Faith Development and Growth Director, Central Midwest District UUA
Reference: Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries

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