Volunteers - Best PracticesRev. Lisa PresleyVolunteers are the heart blood of our congregations. In this webinar we focus on how best to gain, support and retain your volunteers. Topics include personal ministry, recruitment, care and feeding, reducing burnout, and supporting your volunteers.
Presenter: Rev. Lisa Presley

Five Signs of Congregational DeclineRev. Phil LundAn online workshop presented on January 13, 2011, led by the Rev. Phillip Lund, Director of Faith Development and Congregational Growth for the Prairie Star District of the UUA.

Research tells us that only 2% of congregations in the US are growing by 5% or more a year, which means the vast majority of congregations are either barely growing, treading water, or actively declining. Do you know where your congregation fits in? This workshop covered the five signs of congregational decline and offer some strategies on how to address them.

Complete list of resources and links mentioned in the workshop:

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Social Media for Congregational LifeRev. Cynthia LandrumExplore how to use Social Media both within your congregation, and to “sell” your congregation. Rev. Dr. Cynthia Landrum takes us on a helpful tour, complete with lots of step-by-step instructions. Rev. Landrum is the Minister of the Universalist Unitarian Church of East Liberty in Clarklake, Michigan.


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