Webinar Welcoming Newcomers.jpgWe want to welcome everyone who comes to our congregation, though many times it is easier to greet those we already know than brand new people. There are many things congregations can do right now to get ready for newcomers walking in our doors. From training greeters to looking at membership expectations, this workshop will discuss ten good ideas for congregations to be welcoming of the newcomers who are searching for a spiritual home, which will help them along the path to membership.

Leader: Marie Luna, Membership Director at Fox Valley UU Fellowship, Appleton, WI since 2005. The Appleton congregation grew from 200 to over 600 members in 10 years.


This online workshop was recorded August 12, 2010 and runs approximately 45 minutes.

Please note: video is currently not available.

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Rev Lisa PresleyNancy Combs-MorganDifficult PeoplePresenters: Nancy Combs-Morgan and Rev. Lisa Presley

Staffing for GrowthMark StringerPresenter: Rev. Mark Stringer, Minister of First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, Iowa

When Rev. Mark Stringer went on sabbatical in 2007, he visited several large UU congregations across the country, to learn all he could about church staffing as related to congregational growth. Since then, he’s put into action a number of steps that have transformed the work of the Des Moines church.

Mark led an online workshop for leaders of mid-sized congregations on “Staffing for Growth.”

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