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Dear Good People,

Flint Water ProtestorThank you for your interest and support. Here are a few remarks and suggestions concerning the water crisis in Flint. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

First and foremost, the crisis is not exaggerated. The pipes are corroded, the water is contaminated, distribution of water and water filters is a welcome but totally inadequate response. Fixing the now ruined infrastructure is both necessary and costly.

Importantly, testing has clearly shown elevated levels of lead in the systems of Flint children. Know this: the effects of lead poisoning are permanent and affect the cognitive, physical, regulatory, social, and behavioral aspects of the individual. They cause learning, behavioral, attentional, and physiological problems, potentially for the rest of one’s life. For children, treatment consists of immediate riddance of the lead source, healthy diet, increases in Vitamins C, calcium, zinc, phosphorous and iron; educational, language, hearing, behavioral and mental health resources and assistance.

Please spread the word. Test the water in your area. Be mindful of the toxic materials we are placing into our environment as a result of the plastic and chemicals being utilized.

How can you help?

If your group has collected or plans to collect water:

  • All pallets and Cases of Water over 100 and/or filters could go to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, 2300 Lapeer Road, Flint MI 48503; Telephone: (810) 239-4441. Ask for Tina Martinez, Director of Operations. All unloading times are currently booked through February 12, call to reserve your time.
  • Loose water cases (non-pallet and under 100 cases) Weekdays: Catholic Charities Address: 901 Chippewa St, Flint, MI 48503 Phone:(810) 232-9950
  • Five fire stations in Flint are currently distributing as well: Fire Station #1, 310 East 5th St; Fire Station #3, 1525 Martin Luther King Ave.: Fire Station #5, 3402 Western Road: Fire Station #6, 716 West Pierson Road; Fire Station #8, 202 East Atherton Road.
  • Or, for large and small amounts, an agency that has been distributing water to the homeless and challenged for some time now: Mission of Hope, 4618 Roberts St, Flint, Michigan 48505, (810) 785-0991.
  • Additional items requested and accepted at each location: Filters, baby/cleansing wipes, anti bacterial soap.

If you would like to donate funds

  • - The Flint Child Health & Development Fund will support the delivery of critical public health, medical, and community-based services and interventions that address and mitigate the short and long term impacts experienced by Flint's children who have been exposed to lead.
  • - a fund for the purchase of filters, bottled water, emergency support services and prevention efforts. 100% of the fund is used for these projects and no Administrative Fee is assessed.
  • - Michigan Red Cross, Flint Chapter, 1401 S Grand Traverse St, Flint, MI 48503 Phone:(810) 232-1401

Two more grass roots organizations are:

If you would like to volunteer

The Volunteer Reception Center (VRC), a joint effort of the United Way, American Red Cross, Michigan Community Service Commission, and a growing list of partners, is a central point of contact for all volunteers and those needing volunteers. Their website is

For more information:

(Updated February 12, 2016)

Rev Deane OlivaCompiled by:

Deane Oliva, Minister
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint
To contact Rev Oliva: or 270 779 9222


photo: Jennifer Teed of MUUSJN, by Detroit News

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