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uua keep heart flagI woke up this morning feeling no wisdom about what had happened in the election, only a kind of emptiness. I am thankful to hear all the UUs coming together with each other today and with others in their community. That feels right. I was thankful to see all those who are taking this as a moment to recommit themselves to what is highest and most precious. I was thankful to get this email this morning from our UUA President, Peter Morales, reminding us how much our voice for compassion and justice is going to matter in the years ahead. -- Ian Evison, MidAmerica Region UUA

Rev. Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), offered the following pastoral message as he reflects on the election:

"The election is finally over. Most of us are shocked, even horrified, by the results. We live in a nation whose deep divisions have been exposed. The wounds of this election will not heal soon. Many of us are emotionally exhausted and deeply offended by what we have experienced.

This is a time to take a deep breath and a long view. Our role as religious progressives committed to democracy, compassion and human dignity is to help bend our culture toward justice. Think of issues like marriage equality and civil rights. The laws change when attitudes change. Our role is to help change attitudes, to lead by example.

Fear, anger, racism and xenophobia have created fertile ground for demagogues. Our voice is going to matter in the coming years. Our role, as always, will be to be a powerful voice for compassion and civil rights. Perhaps, at times, we may even be called upon to join with others to resist flagrant injustice.

For now, let us reflect and draw strength from one another. Together we can recover. Together we can shape the future."

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