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The Renaissance Program is an important component of the UUA's Religious Education Credentialing Program. It offers basic training in topics useful to the work of professional religious educators, seminarians, and lay leaders in local congregations.

Each module consists of 15 hours of training in both theory and practice. Most take place at a congregation or retreat center, however, thanks to a generous grant from the Panel on Theological Education's Creative Initiatives Fund, new modules are being developed for online learning.

A participant must be present for the entire module in order to receive credit for it. Everyone will receive a certificate acknowledging successful completion of a module, and after five modules are completed, a Letter of Recognition is awarded in appreciation of the time and effort given in service of quality religious education for our children, youth and adults.

Completion of five Renaissance Modules also serves as the the basic 75 hour training requirement for the Religious Education Credentialing Program through the Unitarian Universalist Association. Additional modules (beyond the first five) can also be applied to the Credentialing program to satisfy competency requirements.

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